Speech and Article Writing

For us a speech is more than just a collection of inspirational quotes and anecdotes. At Finese PR, each and every effort is focused on delivering value and therefore the first questions that are asked are “Why” do we require this, followed by “Who” are we trying to reach out to and finally “What” are we trying to say?. It is important to be clear in the brief, as the best articles / speeches can fall flat if there is a disconnect between the three. Finese PR believes that it is the theme of the speech and article that is the most important and when correctly positioned, each theme has the potential to earn accolades for the speaker / writer. Finese PR speeches are conversational and never pedantic and/or “boring”.

A good speech should be between 1200-1500 words and should convey clearly what the speaker wishes to say. It has to be crisp and should relate to the audience. Finese PR has expertise in drafting speeches for keynote addresses, in-house meets, for award receiving ceremonies, for sales and distribution promotions, major events like convocations, etc.

Finese PR articles are well-researched, contemporary and relate to the target audience. So whether these are highly technical articles targeted at niche audiences like engineers, scientists and the medical fraternity, or articles meant for mass consumption in internal newsletters and online and offline publishing, Finese PR has done it all.