Research – Market, Industry

Market and Industry Research, Business to Business & Public Opinion Research

At Finese PR, we strongly believe that it is the sending out the right messages to the right audience that really is the “make or break” in any activity. To find out more about our Target Group and what their lifestyle, buying patterns, interests and leisure activities are, we need to delve deeper into their psyche. And this is not always possible without undertaking research into the sample size. At Finese PR, we have conducted Market Research / Industry Research and Public Opinion research. We believe that the best communication is that which reaches directly to the target group and we therefore need to know how and where best to catch their interest.

In our research activities, Finese PR has had very high success rates as our preliminary research profiling is tested and tested again on a smaller sample size before being unveiled to masses. This becomes more relevant when we look at B2B communication. Finese PR focuses on asking pertinent questions that are subjective rather than objective, so that the responses can help us analyse the target audience better. This has often helped us to identify the best tools to reach out to this category and effectively implement a communication campaign.