Our Value Proposition

There are hundreds of Public Relation Agencies in India. What is it that makes Finese PR unique and why should you choose Finese PR as your Public Relations Partner in India?

The words of one of Finese PR’s first clients, puts into a nutshell what the industry was like: “the initial meetings and pitching sessions of Public Relation Agencies has one meeting the senior most people but by the time one has hired the agency and is working with it, one is mostly interacting with the junior most executive and at times even with the runners who happen to answer the phones”. These words still echo through all of us at Finese PR.

Our founding principle was to remain Boutique by choice so as to avoid the pitfalls of a large agency and to be able to continuously add REAL value to our clients.

When you engage Finese PR you can be sure of the following:

  • Unhindered access to the top management
  • Strategy and inputs from a team that has nearly 100 man years of experience that delivers PR services across India and other geographies
  • A delivery team that is second to none
  • An agency that will partner your efforts and not work as a vendor
  • A team that is well versed in all aspects of business and not just Public Relations
  • An agency that will extend itself beyond its mandate to ensure success for its clients
  • A team that believes Impossible is I’m possible
  • An agency whose PR footprint extends not only to India but beyond
  • An agency that believes that communication strategies can help achieve business objectives