Cause Marketing

Finese PR is in the business of “promoting a cause and developing an understanding” and emphasises on a managed process of communication between well defined groups. We work with both “for profit” and “not for profit” organizations in supporting their causes.

Causes here are not subjects for “philanthropy” – Instead these are well defined marketing campaign platforms connecting a cause with a sustainable business model. We firmly believe that while charity works once, sustainability works forever.

Finese PR has developed an end to end offering focused on cause marketing. We work closely with organizations and their CSR teams to identify relevant causes, create do-able campaigns with clearly defined objectives, strategy, action points and end results, undertake mid campaign and end of campaign audits, pinpoint and locate the implementers and create post campaign reports clearly showcasing the “difference” that the campaigns made.

We also work closely with NGOs and “causes” and take their work to the relevant key stakeholders to make the right noises in the right circles. Whether it is identifying sources of fund or attracting the right kind of associations, Finese PR has the wherewithal to create customised campaigns and take them to the next level.